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Phuket International Boatshow - PIMEX 2017

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Opening of the Exhibition
Opening of the Exhibition  Bild: Ilse Gibson

Phuket [ENA] For the 14th time the PIMEX is celebrated in Phuket represented by Thailand Elite. PIMEX is an event where participants celebrate the leisure and boating, and the luxury lifestyle in a perfectly tropical destination. This show is more than boats it is also the chance

to see the latest luxury products and properties. The Phuket International Boat Show is held from the 5th to the 8th January 2017. It is the high season and all the wealthy elite and the jet-setters are in Phuket to enjoy the island’s luxury lifestyle. With more than 120 marine businesses and luxury brands, this event is a highlight in the yachting industry. Yachts of all types and sizes, marine suppliers with engines, electronics, chandlery, sportswear and accessories, dive equipment and water sport toys exhibits. With 2,500 square metres of indoor exhibit, the PIMEX represents luxury goods, property projects and exciting motor bike brands that will ensure a great experience for the exhibitors and the visitors.

and beverage outlets at PIMEX 2017 had something for everyone. The large in-water display exhibited 40 boats including Admiral, Airship RIBs, Axopar, Azimut, Beneteau, Corsair Marine, Fairline, Fleming, Fontaine Pajot, Galeon, Gulf Craft, Hanse, Jeaneau, Lagoon, Mag Bay, Majesty Yachts, Monte Carlo Yachts, Moody, Prestige, Princess Yachts, San Lorenzo and Sunseeker as well as Cholamark Boat and Sunnav.

Simpson Marine and Boat Lagoon Yachting have the largest in-water space as well as Northrop and Johnson, Derani Yachts, Go Boating Thailand, MGC Marine, Multihull Solutions, South East Asia Yacht Sales and Services, and Asia Marine. The island today welcomes more than 2,000 yachts a year and is a 10 Billion Baht-a-year industry, and through PIMEX and the business it generates at show and post show, they expect to contribute more than 6 Billion Baht to the island's economy.

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